Empower your team to achieve greatness … then get out of the way

Empower your team !

In an earlier article I talked about how you can engage your team members and co-workers with a common goal or objective. In writing this earlier piece I was drawn again to Colin Powell’s 18 lessons in leadership, Powell was the former U.S. Secretary of State, had previously served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of…

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Understanding Racism: A Class Divided – Still Relevant in 2016

all loveis createdequal

In April 1968, Jane Elliott, an Elementary School teacher in Iowa, tried a revolutionary classroom experiment in which she treated children with blue eyes as superior to children with brown eyes. Her motivation was the death of Martin Luther King Jr. and she wanted these children to learn about racism & discrimination, a lesson that has…

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The Greatest Coach Ever!

Pat Summitt

Last month Pat Summitt died aged 64 following a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Her passing left many both within and outside the world of women’s basketball to pose the question was she the greatest coach ever? Not simply a basketball coach or NCAA college sports coach, Pat Summitt displayed the type of qualities for over 38…

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Podcast: How to manage the reactions of “difficult” employees

Leadership thoughts-2

Performance Optimization: As part of the Managing the UnManageable program, Russell Stratton of Bluegem Learning and Ken Cameron of Corporate CultureSHIFT discuss strategies that managers can use to effectively deal with the reactions of “difficult” employees.

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Unconscious Bias? 51% of HR Professionals biased against over weight women


When tidying up my office last week I came across an article from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development in the UK which talked about unconscious bias following an exercise they carried out with 300 HR Professionals using the Hogrefe Implicity test. Unconscious bias testing measures associations between positive or negative words and pictures…

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